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The relaxed and tranquil environment of Cenáculo makes it an ideal location to enjoy Portuguese gastronomy. Inspired on the best national and regional cuisine, the menu is diversified, with both fish and meat dishes, and the wine list includes several exemplars from demarcated regions north to south of the country; all in an unpretentious, pleasant and informal environment. It is also a good option for anyone looking for cultural and fun gatherings moments or a light meal at very affordable prices.

Since opening hours are from 7am to 2am in the morning after, Cenáculo it’s a multipurpose space where you can enjoy a refreshing breakfast, lunch or supper. You can also use the take away service.

Apologist of the "cheap & cool" concept is a mandatory space for those travelling to Oporto, wishing to eat a quick meal or enjoy a quiet and relaxed dinner in a place maker of real moments of pure taste and pleasure.

The Da Vinci Room

Come and meet the new space designed exclusively for groups in Cenáculo. Here refinement prevails in a black, red and white environment, place of a comfortable, refined and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with the signature of the architect Nuno Gomes Pinheiro. The music helps to awaken the senses inexhaustible inherent to the taste of Northern Cuisine as well as to the Mediterranean culinary influences.

Additional Information

Capacity for 160 people;
Special price for groups;
Newspapers and magazines.

Come and meet us...

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